Norwik Power Machinery Co. Ltd

Norwik Power Machinery Co. Ltd is specialized in the development and production of casting iron pumps and engines since 2004. We are located in Jiangsu, province of China and we have our own factory in Suzhou, while our sales company is situated in Asolo, Italy. In addition, we are also present in Panama with our warehouse, in Colón area, in order to ensure to our customers the best service possible and have a capillary distribution also in Central and South America.

More than 15 years of experience

Norwik Power has been researching, developing and producing casting iron pumps and engines for more than 15 years. Our pumps can have different applications and they can be also assembled with diesel or gasoline engines and electric motors.

Our main focus is to guarantee high quality products, excellent service and post sales assistance. This allows us not only to spread in new markets but also to enhance and take care of the relationships already settled down with our European, Central and South American clients.

wide range of uses

Norwik Power casting iron pumps, with their high lift and large flow, have a wide range of uses:


Forest irrigation

Water supply in the mountains

Fire fighting

Flood control

Drought resistance

We do believe that quality, service and hard work are our main drivers, this is why Norwik Power main target is to satisfy each customer and growing with them.


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